Our core belief:

There is one God.  He rules supreme.  Jesus is God's son.  Jesus came from God and died for our sins. God raised Jesus from the dead and Jesus reigns with God.  God, through His providential care of inspiration gave the authors of what we call the Bible facts about who He is, how He loves us and what type of relationship He desires for us with Him and between us as His creation. What God approves of as shown in the Bible, we approve of. What God is against as shown in the Bible, we are against.

Our belief on marriage:

Marriage is a sacred institution created and brought to us by God. Marriage should never be entered into lightly, and not without prayer.  We encourage but do not require premarital counseling.  Marriage is comprised of three individuals:  God, a man, and a woman. Note that our use of “man” and “woman” in this statement refers to the condition of being male or female.  We believe that condition is predominately determined by a person’s chromosomes; identified at birth by a person’s anatomy.  This belief is established by our understanding of God’s creation of man and woman in Genesis chapters 1 and 2.

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